Land value:

people could take a quick break from work to get a little exercise and fresh air

The value of required land is much greater than the profit of driving range could make

Land in a major cit's down town area can cost $3000/m 2

land required for a small driving range could cost $20 000 000!

Highest land values are highest in areas of the city that are most accesible.

The cbd has the highest land values because it is the most easily accesible location in the city.

Business that require a large area of land but produce low income example is the golf driving range,must fuind cheap land on which to locate.


Refers to laws usually passed by city governments that control the kind and amount of development in an area.
Meant to avoid conflicts like living in a dirty ,smelly factory or stuff like that between land uses. Usually these conflicts occur in older areas since areas before zoning was done.


Affect the technology that existed when land was developed.

Urban areas built since then feature wider arterial roads and local,road designed to make through traffic difficult

Big parking lots and shopping and office areas are more evident in the recently built areas.